October 2021 Review

I had to write this review early, so I’m currently publishing it on the 27th October before I catch a train to London to celebrate my 29th birthday with my partner! This may mean the stats shown in this article are not for the entirety of October, instead there will be a few days missing of revenue and analytics (which may make them look less than usual).

So, how was my October? Well, to put briefly, uncontrollable is probably a word that best describes it, alongside a refreshing period where I thought deeply about the future, financially.

I’ve had a lot of work in, a huge change with my business, the loss of a very sentimental item of mine and a much needed trip away to end the month before the mass of weekends spent with family and friends.

Let’s jump in.

Retro Dodo Statistics (1st – 26th October)

  • Website Visits: 341,000
  • YouTube Views: 343,000
  • New YouTube Subscribers: 2,300
  • New Facebook Fans: 583
  • New Instagram Fans: 805

October 2021 Earnings (1st – 26th October)

  • Website Ad Revenue = £2,447
  • YouTube Ad Revenue = £827
  • Affiliate Marketing Revenue = £3,059
  • Sponsorship Revenue = £0
  • TOTAL = £6,333 ($8,742) – before outgoings, taxes etc


Dang, where do I start. As you can see from the stats above this month has seen an increase in ad revenue and affiliate sales. People are now beginning to spend for the Christmas period, which is good for small publishers like myself.

Those stats still have a few days to grow too, so it’s going to be one of the best months of the year, for sure.

The website has seen a slight increase in organic traffic too, with close to 200,000 organic clicks. A few posts from about 3 months ago have started to rank which has increased this number. We have also started to produce “guides” on the site too, which is another category for upcoming content that we plan to create over the next few years.

New Ad Network


One of the biggest changes that’s happened to the site this month is the fact that I am changing our Ad Networks. This might not mean a lot to you, but it simply means a whole new company is looking after our ads. This new ad network known as Mediavine has a much better history, and the average pulblisher see’s a 10 – 20% increase in revenue when they work with Mediavine.

The setup process started on the 26th October, and lasts two weeks before there’s 100% ad fill, and the network can start supplying fully functioning ads. So it means i’ll lose about two weeks of ad revenue which is a shame but it’s worth it in the long run.

Not only that, they pay you 65 days after the month. So I won’t be getting paid from my new ad network until the 5th January, which means December I will see 0 ad revenue drop into my account. The month I need it most!

It sucks, but in the long run this will be worth it. I will keep you updated in January to see if it has been worth it or not.

Caching Problem On-site

Our website also had a serious problem this month, where our caching plugin would double the output, meaning the server we pay to host our website was being hit by double the cache traffic. So we had a pretty demanding email asking us to sort it within 48 hours or the site could be taken down.

This boiled my blood. It was basically black mail, and a threat to take down my business with a simple Thanos snap. after some pretty angry emails, they eventually responded and wanted to charge me $300 an hour to help. What a joke. I stood my ground and eventually they helped me for free, and as of now it seems the problem has been solved.

They did advise to change my website theme in the near future, which is a huge job that could cost a few hundred pounds too, but I may leave that until January so that the new ads can settle.

WatchMojo Stolen Content

watch mojo stolen content

You may have read this in my previous monthly reviews, because it has been going on for so long. A large media company known as WatchMojo stole a wide number of our videos to be used as their own content for their own financial gain with no transformational approach.

This is technically illegal, but some how they managed to snake their way out of it. I then decided to take it to YouTube who took two months to help me. It then turns out that if I wasn’t taking legal action outside of the UK, YouTube would reinstate the video to WatchMojo with no warning, or punishment.

This suprised me. I’ve been on YouTube for years, and they’ve always said that they would help their creators no matter what, and if any copyright infringments were to happy they would sort it. But no, that was the old YouTube.

The new YouTube didn’t bat an eyelid, and expected little ol’ me who’s trying to make a living on line to go battle a large media company in court with my little bag of pocket money. Obviously I wasn’t going to because I would be tens of thousands in debt.

So YouTube said, oh well, and reinstated the video which features a lot of our content without permission. So I gave up, and no longer do I look at YouTube the same way. They’ll help the channel that earns more, and are moving away from creators and instead building a place for large companies and celebrities to flourish while the creators who help build up the brand perish.

Copyright means nothing on YouTube anymore. You can view WatchMojo’s video that features our stolen content here. It is what it is.

Preparing Content For Christmas

This month has been mainly preparing for the Christmas period, and getting plenty of affiliate based articles on site ready for the November and December searches.

We’ve updated gift guides, added some “best list” videos to our YouTube channel and produce new articles on site that target the younger generation. For example “best Zelda toys” and “best Pokemon toys” are just some of the articles we have produced this month.

Hopefully these articles will help with extra affiliate revenue over the next couple of months, but i’m worried they won’t rank in time. We’ll see! I will still be producing more content throughout November for this period too.

Lots Of Freelance

This isn’t technically about my business but I guess it does come under “income”. This month one of my old employers have asked for a lot of help with video editing, so i’ve had a handful of freelance videos to produce for a large technology website this month.

These videos typically take me a day or two to produce and they’re always willing to work wit me because I’m efficient, I get the job done with very little amends and I have quick turnarounds.

Work like this comes in at random and I have a high day rate for video editing of £350. The only downfall with this is that it takes me away from working on the business and sometimes (like this week), I fall behind, so for example I have one less video going live this month.

It’s not the end of the world and is actually a good problem to have, but it just means my “flow” gets interrupted.

Life & Health

caddy camper

Life has been pretty chilled out this month, I went to a comedy show, met some new neighbours, had friends around for early birthday drinks and i’m going to have a blast exploring London.

Unfortuantely though, this month required me to sell my incredible little camper van. It’s due a lot of work, has been causing some issues and with new clean air zone policies in place in my nerest city it was just costing me a lot to run. So unfortunately i had to sell it.

It went to a couple based in Plymouth who look to road trip and who live on a boat, so it has gone to good hands. But it means i’ve had to do a lot of research on new cars to buy. I’m picking one up in a few days which is cheap and cheerful. It’s fairly new and has low mileage so I’m hoping it will last for many years to come.

And as mentioned at the start of this article I’ve had time to think about mine and Kates future financially and how I want to start spending less on the things that don’t make me happy. I also took time to plan a revenue funnel for 2022 so that my earnings firstly go into bills, then personal allowance, then savings and then the rest would go into a pot that’s being saved for something big, like a holiday, or a big “end goal” dream purchase in the future.

Because as you know, I don’t have a salary, my earnings are up, down, left, right every month so not knowing exactly what goes into my pocket is a frequent occurrence. So a funnel allows for me to put money aside for us, and then the rest (should I have a good month) goes to a bigger pot that’s basically something we are saving for in many, many years to come (potentially a cabin).

Now that the big things in life have been purchased like the house, and a new car, it’s now time to be smart with my money and put it away for rainy days, invest in stocks and save for things in life that make us happy. STOP BUYING FUCKING POKEMON CARDS is what my partner would say.

This all comes from thinking long-term, and it’s one of the big changes in my mentality this year. I’ve always been quite spontaneous with money. Buying things I want whenever I want rather than thinking “does this help towards my happiness?”.

If not, I will hopefully have a longer thought process about buying it or not.

I also think the economy is going to into a dark place. The government are printing money quicker than ever, stock markers are volatile, society is moving away from jobs that don’t make them happy and house prices just keep going up and up to a point where the average income houshold is starting to suffer.

And if the government keep printing money to try and pull themselves out of debt, it’s likely that hyper inflation is soon to follow. I hate thinking about these kind of things, but I do think it’s likely to happen and I want to prepare for that in anyway i can. Either by saving, or by increasing the business revenue to support the potential tough times ahead.

Credit: The Balance

We’re already seeing it with increased national insurance, student debt threshold decreasing, the new “digital” pound and changes in tax. Who’s going to pay for the pandemic? We are.

Health wise, physically i have started going to the gym now, even though my local gym is like an old broken down school gym, but it works, and when i go early in the morning it’s basically dead so I can get on everything I want to. The only downfall is that i’ve started recently and because i’ve been having birthday treats and events it means i’ve drank and ate like shit, so hopefully next week i can start dieting and meal prepping alongside my work outs.

Mentally I have been really good. Typically around this time of year i do get a little “down” because days get darker, colder and I seem to do less in the evenings, but as of now i’m pretty good.

The mass amounts of money coming out of my account because of the car and changes to the site worries me a little, because it feels like I’m in a financially vulnerable position, but I’m hoping the next few months will be good for the business to get me back to where I am comfortable.

I always like having 6 months emergency back up monies so that if anything goes wrong with me and my partner we have 6 months to get our lives back together. That could be due to us losing jobs, something happening with the house, family needing help financially etc.

What have I learnt?

To build a long term financial funnel that works.

Next months goals?

For the site to function well with the new ads, and to see an increase in brand revenue alongside Christmas targeted video content.

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