May 2021 Review

This month has started off slow, I had a whole week with no motivation to create anything. There was a lot of hours staring at the screen, hoping something would spark my motivation to help slide me back into my work flow.

I think this was because I knew how much work I had to get done this month, yet I hadn’t planned how and when I would get that work done. When I don’t know what I’m doing at the start of the week it confuses me, and it’s like I forget what’s need to be done and when.

Eventually I got back into my flow and I have hit all of my deadlines which is good. I use a journal called ZELO which I have been using for over 6 months and it’s a god send. It keeps me in check, lets me look at my work from a long term perspective and I use it for life as well as work.

May Quick Statistics (Retro Dodo)

  • Website Visits: 351,000
  • YouTube Views: 486,000
  • New YouTube Subscribers: 2,700
  • New Facebook Fans: 303
  • New Instagram Fans: 961


Business has been okay this month, it feels like revenue has slightly plateaued over the last few months because we haven’t had much social traffic from Facebook and none of Retro Dodo’s videos has “popped” on YouTube. These kind of months are always going to happen, and as long as the business isn’t losing money months on end then that’s always good, especially in a pandemic.

I’ve increased the website article output this month by 25%, so I had to outsource some work to a freelancer who has been great. This editor lives and breathes retro games, so he is incredibly knowledgeable and has a background in journalism, which is always a bonus.

Hopefully these extra articles will grow traffic over the coming months and that investment will eventually pay off. The more articles Retro Dodo has the more chances of traffic it will incur, it’s just articles cost money, so I have to drip feed them into the budget at the moment.

May’s Retro Dodo Statistics

Video output has also increased, but that’s only because I’m not working half of June, so i’ve needed to create double the content in order to schedule it for when I am away/busy. The content i’ve produced to backlog isn’t the highest of quality, and isn’t something i’d typically upload, so I can imagine i’ll see a drop in revenue form YouTube next month.

I could have not uploaded, but I think uploading slightly lower quality content in order to keep the channel active is far more important than leaving the community without content for weeks, so it’s the price i’ve had to pay for being away and taking time off to move house.

Another problem I have is that the gaming category on YouTube is the lowest paid category of them all, so you can see above I have received well over half a million views, but a measly £1,081 has been earned from YouTube. That brings the CPM (cost per millenium) to around £1.80, so that’s £1.80 for every one thousand views I receive.

Last 30 days YouTube statistics

Other categories like business will receive triple the CPM at around £5+. Obviously, that’s not the only income from YouTube because affiliate marketing helps, but it’s always disheartening to see my hard work be paid so little.

I have also had some more monthly client work come in, where I simply schedule and manage Facebook pages for a media company in London. They’ve increased my work by 50% which basically takes up 4 – 5 days a month of work.

I’ve been doing this myself but I am tempted to completely outsource this, use the whole budget that I’m being paid and hopefully find someone that can do the social work for me and potentially edit videos for RetroDodo alongside scheduling it’s social channels. This would be someone in-house, but it’s a risk I need to take in hopes it frees up my time and the person grows our social accounts too.

It just means a lot of money leaves my pocket, but that’s a risk I have to take in the coming months.

Personal YouTube Channel

I’ve been thinking a lot about my upcoming personal channel to go alongside this blog, and what I eventually want it to become. I get excited about new projects and this is one that I can’t wait to start. It’s going to take a lot of planning, and to find a niche audience that does what I do, but it’s something that I’m taking 1 day a week to work on.

At Google employees are asked to take one day a week to work on anything they like. They can move job roles, work on a brand new project, or help other projects get off the ground. It was such a huge success for Google that many of their most popular applications and services come from this one day a week “do what you want routine”.

So I think I’m going to to do something similar, I can’t work too long on this project as I have a business to run, but every Friday, I can work on writing articles like the latest best books for content creators article I did, and the YouTube channel. I plan to start the channel in the coming months once I’m settled in the new place, and once the studio is setup properly.


Life this month has been really good. I can now go into friends/families houses, I can go inside of pubs, out for meals, into coffee shops to work and so on. Normality is beginning to settle in and it actually feels like I’m socialising again. It’s like my animalistic brain is constantly excited to see other people.

I get worked up to go to a bloody BBQ, or inside of a coffee shop which makes me think when I eventually do something with lots of people like a party, a night out, or a holiday away my mind is going to explode with excitement and I’m not going to know how to deal with it!

This month has been filled with lots of small events, like BBQ’s, trips into the city for lunch, spending an evening with friends, which is good and hasn’t take up a lot of my time. But next month in June I’m on a weeks holiday, and moving house so its going to be a bit of a mad one, so me and my partner said that this month is going to be a little more chilled out.

These life segments are going to get a little bit shorter because not only do I want to keep my personal life slightly more private I want this blog to talk more about business and self-help. The best way to keep up with what I do is probably Instagram even though I post very little there.

Physical/Mental Health

The first couple of weeks of this month has been good both physically and mentally. I go for a jog a few days a week but this last week I’ve only been once. I have this very bad habit of doing good for a few weeks, or a couple of months but when I say that I have a couple of weeks coming up where I know there’s lots of drinking, or no way to go for the jog I then get de-motivated.

For example, the reason I haven’t jogged or done much exercise this week is because I know in a couple of weeks I am on holiday down south for a week and there’s going to be lots of alcohol and terrible food being consumed, and the moving house scenario is gonna keep me busy for at least anoter few days.

So my mind instantly goes “why do all of these hard work if you know you’re going to have a couple of bad weeks coming up?”. Then that’s when i get lazy. I know it’s easy to solve but my brain teases me into not going for a jog, or going around a friends house for a cheeky takeaway instead of saying no.

I tell myself when I move that’s when I’m going to find a gym, start meal prepping again and get back into the good habits. So yeah, June is probably a consumption of more alcohol and more BBQ’s which my current me thinks “Fuck it, you don’t have to go for a jog today”.

I say jog because it’s definitely not a run. Old woman literally run past me daily.

Mentally I’ve been pretty good too. The bad thoughts do treacle into my mind, but instead of it consuming me and spiral me into a dark place, I acknowledge it and own it.

It tends to come in force when a big event is planned, and I have weeks upon weeks to think about it, worry about it and eventually talk myself out of it. But this month nothing “big” has happened, i’ve just been doing my thing and typically jumping into events without much planning.

I think this time of year is going to be hard for a lot of people out there, and especially when most peoples work spaces being to open up and everyone’s back into the office. For the human to go from being confined for a year in one space with little social interaction to being thrown back into full-time work with constant engagement is definitly going to get some of us feeling weird and “off”.

Lucky for me i’ve been working at home for two years now, so it won’t really affect me, however I do find myself being a little socially awkward when in shops, or restaurants and I just think it’s going to take time to overcome.

What Have I Learnt?

I’ve read quite a few books this month, which was my new years resolution and one thing which really stuck with me from Steven Bartlett’s Happy Sexy Millionaire Book is that working hard eventually compounds over time.

So for example when you work on something like a new business project, losing weight, gaining muscle, working on a relationship, at first the hard work doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of success.

But overtime the success shows increasingly over time and that’s because it compounds. The picture above gives you an idea, and shows that your success increases faster the longer you work at it. This has been proven in losing weight, and gaining muscle but Steven also says this is how business works too.

It at first takes a lot of hard work, but overtime you recieve more success, more luck and because your net is getting bigger the chances of more people seeing you, wanting to work with you and eventually paying you increase too.

So at first I kind of knew this about health, but looking at it in a business perspective is incredibly interesting and one that has change the way I look at those bad unmotivated days. You just need to keep moving forward, even if it feels like you are going backwards.

Next Months Goals?

Enjoy the time away with family and enjoy the next chapter of my life with Kate in a brand new home. Simple.

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