Let the documenting begin.

I’ve always wanted to create a personal blog, but the fear of it being dull, a waste of time and a worry of what people think about my god awful writing skills has put me off it for years.

But I said to myself that 2021 is going to be different, a year to work on myself and to align what my actual goals, values and achievements are. To prepare for the future.

So fuck it, i’m starting a blog for myself. A place where I can document my journey, with the possibility of helping someone out along the way. A place where I can look back on in years to come. A place to exhale the good, the bad and the ugly.

This blog will talk about the victories, failures and challenges that I have come across throughout my life but predominately it will be about my business journey and how I plan to start a fully functioning media company within 10 years.

What sparked the idea of this blog?

The pandemic has opened my eyes to what actually matters in life, how nobody can predict whats around the corner and why you should cling on to what you have as hard as you can, protecting what you own/love.

As much as it feels like the world has somewhat paused, time has creeped by unnoticed, slowly taking its toll on my body and mind.

2020 was terrible for me, mentally. I experienced a number of mental “hiccups”. There was days where I couldn’t eat, days where I just wanted to stay asleep so the pressure of anxiety and confusion never bothered me.

I experienced mental health problems for the first time in my life.

“It was like someone hit my brain with a cricket bat and I had to pick up all of the pieces before the fear and confusion of the breakdown itself created another”.

It was odd, and for months it had me shaken up, but a lot of good came from it, and it taught me that you can always learn/grow from catastrophes, and that fear/anxiety is actually a good thing.

I know what “triggered” it but that can wait for another blog post.

Pushing the shit aside, I had so many great moments in 2020:

  • It made me appreciate close family & friends.
  • I sold a part of my business.
  • I moved into a flat with my girlfriend.
  • We put a deposit on a house.
  • We visited new, stunning places around the UK.
  • I turned down a dream “CEO” job.
  • I finally converted my van into a camper.

The good mixed with the awful has slightly shifted my mentality. That’s why this year I’m very motivated to plan out my goals and to execute on them. While I do so I want to document it, so (hopefully) in 10 years time I can look back at what I did well, and not so well.

What’s The End Goal For The Blog?

To simply help myself and others. That could be with business, mental health, personal goals, lifestyle, anything. I won’t dedicate much time to this blog, perhaps a post every couple of weeks, hence why the blog is so minimal and easy to consume. Selfishly, it’s because I have to spend my time more wisely and focus on my goals.

My Goals

  • Have Children
  • Build A Micro Media Company
  • Own A Off Grid Cabin
  • Travel To Every Continent
  • Obtain A 1st Edition Charizard

My Values

  • Honesty
  • Trustworthy
  • Caring
  • Fair
  • Respectful

Everything above I still need to work on, but that will take time and hopefully throughout the years of blogging I will accomplish those goals and become more of the values I have listed.

I plan to write another blog post before the end of January, there I will discuss the business challenges and if I’ve stuck to my New Years resolutions.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to my new blog.

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