June 2021 Review

This has been the busiest month of the year so far, not just in terms of work but life too.

I had a week in Cornwall with family, a number of birthdays, tonnes of videos produced, business cock ups, vaccine jabs and most importantly, I moved into my first home!

I am currently in the process of moving in, unpacking the dreaded IKEA boxes and finishing of the new office, so I apologise if this monthly update is shorter than the May 2021 Review! I am doing this while I literally watch paint dry.

June Quick Statistics (Retro Dodo)

  • Website Visits: 264,000
  • YouTube Views: 482,000
  • New YouTube Subscribers: 2,400
  • New Facebook Fans: 226
  • New Instagram Fans: 145


Business hasn’t been good this month for a number of reasons. Primarily because I have had over two weeks off, so social growth and article output has been slow. Surprisingly though revenue has slightly increased from last month because as you may know most of my earnings is somewhat “passive” from content.

This alone helps me relax when big things in life take up a lot of my time, it’s not like I stop earning money as soon as i am away from my desk, the business is still churning through all hours of the day. However, you can see social growth is very low, and that’s because i haven’t engaged with anyone, and have simply scheduled content which is never any good for growth.

While we are on the subject of growth i have talked with a number of social media managers in hopes to completely outsource Facebook marketing. I have a couple of clients who pay me to grow their brands pages, this takes up a lot of my time when I can be focusing on the business side of Retro Dodo.

So possibly next month I will be trialing a talented young lad to take over these pages and to also create custom video content for Retro Dodo’s Facebook page in order to grow and monetise the page. Hopefully this goes well because it’s not a cheap monthly outgoing, but all we can do is try!

Below is a screenshot of a video he tested and it went very well, with over 1,000 reactions and 150,000 reach in under a week!

As many of you know, last month I spoke openly about Salt Media, the new business name of my business that i plant to build this year and turn into a limited company. Well, hold your horses. Towards the start of June another. “Salt Media” got in touch and said it breaches their trade mark and I have to change my business name as soon as possible or else.

Months of hard work and a lot of money just chucked down the drain. It was my own fault, I should have double checked, I just didn’t realised someone with the same name is in the online publishing niche too, which sucks.

So over the next week or two I have to take down the website, delete all of my hard work and come up with a new business name, a new website, a new logo and a new business plan. Fuck me.

Affiliate marketing has been good this month, with the release of our mid year Top Handhelds video and a partnership with a new retro product called GB Operator.


This month has been jam packed with family visits, trips and gatherings which I absolutely love. I had a week down Cornwall with family in a small little lodge just minutes from the beach. Everyday we road tripped to new beachs and new towns.

My favourite being St Ives, which is right next to where Boris had the G7 Summit, it was absolutely stunning there. On the third day my van broke down and needed a new fuel injector, which was a lovely £600 kick to the nuts, but nothing was stopping me.

We went to Newquay, Lands End, Falmouth, Perranporth and a load of other places, it reminded me of road tripping through Australia like it was 2014 all over again.

Painting the new office and the reading corner

On the 25th June, we moved into our first home in a little old fashioned town called Corsham just 15 minutes outside of Bath. No longer am I contained to a tiny, hot, loud flat in the city paying over £1,200 a month just on rent. Now finally, after years of saving and working my ass off, me and my partner now own a new home that we can make ours.

This week made me really think about some of the big choices I have made over the last few years, the biggest and most riskiest was leaving my full time job. It changed my life for the better, and if I was still there now I’d still be in a basement flat next door to a pub paying £1000 a month to basically live inside of large fridge.

Now I must spend days building flat pack furniture and making my back feel like it has just been kicked by a horse.

Physical/Mental Health

Physically, a shambles. I’ve been living off Pot Noodles and Brownies for a week straight because we didn’t pack any food when we moved. In the coming weeks I will also be looking for a local gym to attend, but it’s going to be much different than usually.

Typically I have always walked to the gym, taking well under 15 minutes from any of my flats over the last few years but now it looks as if i’ll have to drive 10/15 minutes if I want to go to the gym from now on. But first I have to visit a few to see if they have what my lard ass needs. Perhaps by the next review I’ll have been to the gym! Who knows.

Mentally i’ve been great. Typically when I move locations to live I get incredibly anxious, as if I feel like a elephant being moved to a new area, but the house is such and upgrade, with so much space and a garden fit for a king that I am actually excited rather than anxious which I wasn’t expecting.

I was expecting to be very nervous, because moving into my old flat in March of last year I was mentally unwell, probably at my worst I’ve ever been, to a point that I was very sick. It was odd, and it was my second experience with a mild mental illness over months because I couldn’t settle.

But here, nothing. I am genuinely excited and thrilled to put everything behind me. It’s quiet here, peaceful, a place to rest but most importantly a place to call home that we actually own.

What Have I Learnt?

That IKEA is the worst place on earth.

Next Months Goals

Get the business back into the swing of things and finally choose a new business name.

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