Top 5 Niche Blog Ideas I Think Would Make A Profitable Business

Building niche blog ideas, and trying to be the “best” in that sector is basically what I’ve been doing for three years now. I even managed to sell a niche brand that I built from scratch in 2020 for six figures.

That has been my biggest business achievement to date, but it took me two years of hard work, travelling, limited sleep and a lot of coffees to get me there.

Thinking too big has always been one of my biggest business issues. In 2008, I wanted to create the biggest technology website, that failed. In 2010 I wanted to build the biggest gaming YouTube channel, that failed. In 2017 I wanted to make the best subscription box, that failed.

I could go on forever, but this years different as mentioned in my previous blog post.

It wasn’t until recently that the smaller I thought, the better chances I had of becoming the “biggest” or the “best” in that sector. Many say they’d rather be a small fish in a big pond, but when it comes to building reputable communities, being the big fish in a small pond, is actually more beneficial.

Perhaps you want to build a technology website? I advise niching yourself to just phone cases, or wireless chargers, or camera lenses? Perhaps you want to make a gaming YouTube channel? I advise niching yourself to a single game, or developer. Perhaps you want to make a subscription box, I advise… not doing it at all, because currently they have a bad rep, and well, we’re coming out of a pandemic so money is tight for a lot of people right now.

Through my experience, I want to share with you 5 niche blog ideas that I think would be a great choice if you’re looking to start a small website or community.

With any project, the key ingredient must be passion, so these may not apply to you. But if your passion is building businesses, then you might be interested. Let’s jump in.

I’m giving up all my potential future projects here, which I shouldn’t be doing, but hey, i’m very open on this blog!

1. Individual Video Games

overwatch 2

Through my history of working for one of the largest gaming websites and building the fastest growing retro gaming website I have had my fair share of seeing projects rise and fall.

But, again, this is due to many of the entrepreneurs thinking too big, and the gaming space has had this problem for a long while. Everyone wants to be the next “Ninja”, and that just isn’t going to happen.

Gaming is by far one of the most competitive sectors on YouTube, in digital media and just content in general. Every kid with a Playstation can create content but nailing it is the hardest part.

I really do think that niching yourself to a single game or a developer for that matter is the best way of getting seen, being remembered and nailing a niche, in a niche.

For example, starting a website dedicated to Overwatch, and creating news videos, rumours for Overwatch 2 and targeted articles for specific search terms. You want to be known as “that Overwatch guy/girl”.

This will make you stand out from the crowd, and it will also help with you work flow because you only ever have to keep an eye out for topics, news and content for that specific niche.

Many of times when creating content for large niches, I would miss important updates, or important videos because I had so much on my plate. Which then lowers the quality of my brand. This will then show your audience that you’re not that essential for them to get the best information as quickly as possible. They can just go to someone else, or go straight to the bigger brands, and that’s something you don’t want.

How you compete with big companies such as IGN, Eurogamer and so on, is by adding personality, being trustworthy, and being original with your content.

2. Men’s Candles

koto black candle

Now I shouldn’t even really be mentioning this niche, because it’s one I am currently working on myself, but as of recently I have been so busy with Retro Dodo that I haven’t had time to focus on it.

10% of all candle sales are from men, or for women buying for men. Now that seems like a very small percentage but as mentioned at the start of this article, it’s about being a big fish in a small bond.

There’s very little blogs about the best candles for men, and that’s why I’ve started a side project to test these waters throughout the next few years.

This project is called Candleaholic.

This niche is almost untouched, with very little competition. The only problem is that you have to create a very strong brand with a male “host” shall we say.

I genuinely like candles. As of writing this I have the Black Orchard by Interlude Candles burning in the background. I’ll admit, its one my partner picked up, but that’s the magic about this niche, it’s not just men who will buy “mens candles”.

I really do think, if someone focused on this niche at least 25+ hours a week, and had the balls to start a YouTube channel it could go far.

Affiliate commissions will be high, and if you build a website big enough, you could even make your own candle for men.

Nobody is doing it, a majority of men who like candles don’t want to, and it only needs one man to grab it by the horns and take it to a whole new level.

No doubt throughout the years you will see this brand pop up on this blog. It’s one that i’ll keep ticking over while i can, but it’s not something I will put much energy into because I’m currently going all in on another project.

So this is you chance to outwork me!

3. Office Pods For Gardens

office pods for gardens

Since the pandemic started in late 2019, many people around the world have moved to remote working and have had to adapt their homes to fit their office needs.

But not everyone has enough space to fit an office, especially if you need privacy and a place to get creative.

So when there’s a problem, write about it and make a business! Starting this will be fairly easy in all honesty, the competition is somewhat limited as many “home” brands will be writing about it. But Google likes niche blog ideas dedicated to something, so a niche blog about office pods would do well in my opinion.

Write about them, review them, rank high for long tail keywords and try getting some continuous traffic. What many will be put off by is the lack of affiliate commission, but this is why it’s left wide open for someone with a talent of building communities to dive in.

Once you get the traffic there will be a lot of potential for paid sponsorships, high paying display ads and potentially some small affiliate commission. And because these things average at over £2,000, you’ll receive some nice payouts and higher paying ads.

Oh, and you never know, you may even get a free pod out of it should you become the “go to source” for all things office pods.

4. Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters are another great niche to attack. I believe that this is the beginning of the boom for electric scooters. Not only will these get better, they’ll also get cheaper as the years go on due to increased competition, making them more affordable for the average person.

The increased prices of parking in the cities, and the fast introduction to an “electric only” policy in cities too is another reason why scooters are growing in popularity.

Many want to make the commute to work cheaper, quicker and more reliable. But you may think I’m contradicting myself a bit due to number 3 in the list and the pandemic but this is pushing people to live in smaller towns, our on the outskirts of cities, making commutes even longer.

These electric scooters are good for adults, kids, elderly, you name it and the fact that the can be carried around and placed in the back of cars makes it accessible to everyone.

It’s a niche, with a very broad audience.

Building a website dedicated to these could be a reliable income should you want to work on it for a few years. By then, hopefully the world will be back to normal and city workers will be back in full force.

Video should play a big part in this, commissions will be high and many brands such as Tesla, VW and others will be sure to jump on the bandwagon soon, making the possibilities for sponsorships broad.

5. Collectible Trading Cards

collectible trading cards

If you’ve followed me for a while, or even personally know me, you knew this one would feature in this niche blog ideas article. I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards for years, but since 2020, they’ve dramatically increased in price.

I’m talking $300,000 for one card. Yeah… imagine just a slice of that, heck even a small 3% cut is $9,000 in commission, and they’re only increasing as the days go by.

We’re not talking just Pokemon cards here, we’re talking about many kinds of trading cards. For example, sports cards, magic of the gathering, topps cards, the list goes on.

These highly collectible cards have a lot of potential for a business to grow off the back of them. Content is near unlimited, as new versions of these cards are coming out almost monthly.

I even created a sub-channel for Retro Dodo known as Break The Seal which specialises in “collectibles”. This is only because I am genuinmly passionate about it, and its my hobby, but this is a niche that doesn’t have much competition.

These are niche blog ideas I can see growing into something special. The Pokemon TCG community is growing all of the time, and if you can penetrate this and use eBay as a weapon of affiliation then growing a brand alongside it is a no-brainer.

You could even put a “stock trading” touch on it, as these things are always increasing and decreasing in price and use that to become the go to “trustworthy” source that gives its community the latest news.

So there’s just a few niche blog ideas I’d personally invest in if i had the time and resources, but lucky for you I do not!

Each of these projects needs a lot of work, but I honestly think if you built a brand around any of these subjects and went all in, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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