My 3 Best SEO Habits For Bloggers & Small Publishers

I’ve been creating SEO based content for a couple of years now, it’s one of the main drivers of income for my business. Ranking high in order to receive as much organic traffic as possible is what helps my business grow, and sustaining that is the hardest part.

I self taught myself a few habits over the last 12 months which I think have helped keep my content relevant, trustworthy and ranked strongly.

I rarely see these best SEO habits used by bloggers or large publishers, and after using them for 12 months, it bewilders me how large businesses and even professional bloggers have looked past it.

These 3 SEO habits will help keep your articles ranking, and will also help your new pieces of written content rank more effectively.

1. Update Your Content Regularly

update content

This is single handedly the best habit to keep your content ranking well, and it’s the best way to tell Google that you’re a reputable source who updates their content regularly.

If you keep Google happy, they’ll keep you happy.

I personally recommend that you update your top 10 articles every 30 – 90 days. Get your writer or yourself to simply go through your articles and add a few paragraphs to the content.

It’s also worth updating any outdated information. For example, on Retro Dodo I have some lists that showcase prices of games or the rarity of items like the recent rare Digimon cards article I produced. I tend to update those prices when I ever 30 – 90 days.

This frequent update lets Google’s crawlers know that the information is up to date and in line with current search engine positions. The more you let Google know that you update your content regularly the better.

This is also a great way to outrank bigger, more trustworthy competition, because they tend to forget to update their smaller articles regularly. So you can help yourself outrank them by updating your information more regularly to let Google know that your information is more accurate than your larger competitors.

2. Use Your Own Images

new images

Another great habit to get into is to create your own images. Google’s crawlers are incredibly smart, they know exactly when you’re using someone elses images, or if you’re using segments of other peoples images.

So coming up with an authentic image is a good way for you to get a thumbs up from Google. Not only that, it’s another way to rank in Google images which adds a new small stream of traffic.

If you search for something in Google images, it’s very rare that google shows you two of the same image, even if many websites are using it.

This is Google’s way of saying “stop that”. Be creative, use your own images, and get in the habit of taking photographs or using Photoshop to your advantage.

If there’s no way of you using your own images, being smart with photoshop is a better way than using an exact copy of an image. Perhaps using a featured image with branded colours, or a template that you can use for your content.

Get creative, and stay away from using other peoples images.

3. Keep Your Website Clean & Unobtrusive

In just a few weeks Google is launching a big update that takes your websites core web vitals into consideration.

Google doesn’t want any obtrusive pop ups, they want your content to load fast and they don’t want your content moving around much.

If you think your website looks a little bit overwhelming, and too hard to read efficiently, then you need to change that.

Think of your website like a store. When you walk into a store, do you immediately want someone throwing a brochure in your face, would you like it if they made you sign up to their newsletter before you could even walk in? Probably not.

So why treat your website like that? Google wants your website to be a pleasant experience that has useful information within a second.

Pop ups need to go. Videos that take over a part of your screen or take over your speakers need to go. Ads that move your conetnt around after loading need to go.

Anything that you think “my readers won’t like that” needs to be reconsidered, because eventually Google will penalise you for that.

A wide number of big publishers still have stupid ammounts of adverts, some that even take over your speakers without consent and pop ups that annoy its users. I really do believe that these big publishers are eventually going to get the backhand of Google within the next few years.

Users don’t like spam or pop ups, so neither will Google.

Making your website easy to use, and easy to consume is another way of helping your content rank.

Make Them A Habit

By making these 3 simple SEO tricks a habit in your business schedule you will help your content rank more efficiently. In fact, I’m going to go as far as saying it’s almost guaranteed to help your content rank.

I use these 3 SEO habits all the time, and it’s my secret weapon to outranking larger competitors in my niches.

Get out there and use these SEO habits, then thank me later. Be sure to check out my March Review to see how business is going.

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