August 2021 Review

August has been a huge fresh air of work/life balance. Since I left my full time job a few years ago, any time I wouldn’t work, or took time off, I would worry that the business isn’t growing and that i’m wasting potential money.

But this month that has changed, and in total, i’ve probably had two weeks of the month off seeing family, enjoying the bank holidays and travelling around the south, but what hit me the most, is that the revenue didn’t even decrease.

This semi-passive nature of building a media company now means that I can go on holiday, or take days off when I don’t feel motivated and not feel like I’m losing money and stopping potential growth because in reality, the business does grow when I’m away, and it compounds over time.

Seeing this in motion has really let my mind relax slightly, and the book I am currently reading called Do Nothing explains why society now thinks “being busy” is a sign of popularity and success but in reality its capitalism working its ways into humans all the way back from the industrial industry in the 1800’s

brandon saltalamacchia pub

It’s a great read and it explains how history and governments have some what brainwashed people into thinking money is more important than time, when in reality, true wealth is actually free time.

I personally think that this day and age, it’s very hard to obtain free time without sustaining a healthy amount of income to then do the things you want, but I do believe that the best way to become “wealthy” is to have a healthy dose of both free time and money.

That’s the key. What that looks like i do not know, I am still learning, but I can imagine working 2 – 3 days a week, and the rest being free time is probably a great way to live?

Let’s jump into some stats, and i’d also like to welcome Tiny Home Hub, my second project which i have been planning over the last few months.

Retro Dodo Statistics

  • Website Visits: 398,000
  • YouTube Views: 336,000
  • New YouTube Subscribers: 1,100
  • New Facebook Fans: 500
  • New Instagram Fans: 339

Tiny Home Hub Statistics

  • Website Visits: 629
  • YouTube Views: 209
  • New YouTube Subscribers: 5

August 2021 Earnings

  • Website Ad Revenue = £2,179
  • YouTube Ad Revenue = £1,203
  • Affiliate Marketing Revenue = £2,630
  • Sponsorship Revenue = $0
  • TOTAL = £6,012 ($8,200) – before outgoings, taxes etc


Business wise, this month has been a little mellow, nothing crazy has been achieved nor really hard work to be honest but as mentioned before, the business has sustained itself even with my absence which is very overwhelming and something I am quiet proud of.

YouTube and website traffic has dropped slightly from last month, but nothing too serious. A few of our articles on-site dropped a ranking position on Google which we were affected by, but with the addition of new articles, this has normalised the traffic slightly.

On YouTube, nothing has really “popped” and I am still getting used to a new video layout alongside different thumbnail styles. I have recently purchased a back board for my birds eye shots in videos which can be seen in the latest Soulja Boy video.

I think this will help “brand” the upcoming videos, and give some extra spice to future thumbnails, which is one thing I have been struggling with this month. This may be why views have dropped, and the lack of product reviews.

In terms of achievements this month, a couple of things have happened, the biggest being the official launch of my personal YouTube channel which goes alongside this blog. My goal with this channel is to simply help others doing what I do. The stats of this blog and the channel won’t be featured in these reviews due to it being a hobby not a “job”, and monetisation of it won’t happen for a very long time.

Feel free to watch the video above and subscribe.

Alongside the new channel I have also started uploading content to Tiny Home Hub’s website and YouTube channel. This is a new project and brand that I am starting about all things tiny homes. I’ve been a fan of camper vans, cabins and treehouses for a very long time, and it’s one of my passions, so I thought it would be good to start up a blog and a channel that adds a new revenue stream to Saltalamacchia Media.

Content will be slow and steady for this project, while I put most of my focus on Retro Dodo. But the free time I do have I will work on Tiny Home Hub. My hope is that in a few years it has a substantial monthly recurring ad revenue like my first project Retro Dodo.

The only thing I am currently struggling with us how I produce video content without going out and filming tours, because it’s hard to get permissions to film at these small cabins/treehouses because they’re fully booked and so on.

I could use promotional content from the businesses who own the cabins/lodges/camper vans, but this takes lots of research and a lot of time asking for permissions so that we don’t get a copyright strike.

And while I am on the subject of copyright, as of writing this article a large media company that goes by the name of WatchMojo has stolen our content for a YouTube video, and when I asked them why, their CEO known as Ashkan Karbasfrooshan basically emailed saying, “it’s fair use, we’re allowed to do it, and we’d like to see you try and sue us”.

It’s a hard leg to stand on, and only in court can it be settled, so it’s how this company with over 20,000,000 subscribers gets away with it because the little guys like me can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds risking it in court and YouTube never really helps in the situation due to this channel size.

It’s very annoying to see my hard work be stolen to simply put profit into these companies pockets. WatchMojo has a business strategy to simply steal content in order to drive a revenue stream, and nobody is stopping them. Ashkan encourages this, even when they fine other creators who user their own work without licensing.

Putting that aside business has been okay this month, and it’s the first time I have given you and the public an insight into how much I earn, alongside a video documenting how I earn a living doing this.

It’s the most transparent I’ve ever been, and I hope this helps you learn from my mistakes, and my successes.

Life & Health

My new lego build.

Life is real good. I am now settled into the new house, many friends and family have come over to visit which was a nice rush of socialising after a grey lonely year of lockdowns.

Alongside that me and my partner spent a whole week on the south coast with family which is always lovely and it tends to give me a nudge to remind me of what really matters.

Since the lockdown has eased, many great things have happened to those around me. Friends are buying their first homes, others having their first borns, and it feels like everyone around me is moving in the right direction which is great even if I don’t see them as often as i once did, but that’s life.

One thing I am struggling with recently is routine. Most of August has been disorganised when it comes to life and health, but I am trying to get back into daily walks, daily reading and drinking less alcohol.

Routine makes me feel like i’m moving forward, and when I don’t get out or I don’t read I can sometimes feel like i’m moving backwards which sometimes effects me mentally. This was a goal I had in last months review, which I have failed to complete.

What Have I Learnt?

Free time is true wealth.

Next Months Goals

Walk more and get back into a routine ya lazy bastard.

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