brandon saltalamacchia

About Me

Hi, my name is Brandon Saltalamacchia and I create niche communities about the things I love. I was born and raised in the UK and started off my career by working for media companies as a professional video editor.

While working full-time in the gaming industry, I decided to start my first side hustle by creating a blog about campervans with the strategy of putting video first. Two years in it became the world’s fastest growing van life community. It was quickly acquired for 6-figures in 2019 which allowed me to leave my full-time job and focus on my second project that is Retro Dodo.

I self taught myself the basics of SEO and combined it with my knowledge of video production, this propelled the project into the world’s leading retro gaming website in just two years, allowing me to build a team of experts and entertain over 2,000,000 viewers a month.

After founding Click Hill in 2022 I plan on pushing Retro Dodo forward and building out my third project that is Love Bath, a travel website dedicated to the city I have lived in for 30 years.

I am building this business to obtain my goals of financial freedom, all while working on something I genuinely love and hopefully building a wonderful life for my family.

My Projects

My Mantra

I believe heavily on focusing on the three pillars of life, health, wealth and happinessMy hope is that my projects can help support all of these pillars in some way or another, and to allow me to venture through life on my own terms.